Sunday Science School, Specialized in Hands-on-Science Activities for School children SUNDAY SCIENCE SCHOOL
The Hands-on-Science-Program
STEM methodology
STEM approach
STEM approach
The only source of knowledge is Experience._Einstein
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Specialized  in
learning programs
Our programs
All experiment-materials and notes provided by SSS
Year-long programs on week-ends:

~ SSS Junior {13 topics}     (3rd and 4th grades)

~ SSS Level - 01(6 topics)    (5th to 9th grades)

~ SSS Level - 02 (7 topics}   (Age 10+ and prior completion of SSS Level01)

* Science upto 10th grade is covered in these 3 programs. Ideal to send children to our SSS centres for these programs
Holiday programs

~ DC motor | Reflection | Pressure | Airplanes | Action reaction | Diver and many  take away kits .(Age 10-15)

~ Balancing | Elastic pot energy | Revolving apple | Magdeburg .and many take away kits    (Age 8 to 12)

~ Magnetic propeller Newton's disk | LASER | Zodiac & many more take away kits(Age 10-15)

~ Working of eye | Film projector | Food tests | Ropeway | Board game.. and many more take away kits  (Age 10 to 15)
Only for schools: programs based on syllabus

~ From grades 1 to 8

~ 14 sessions in a year for all students. From class 1 to 8 total sessions are 8X14= 112

~ Each planned session is of 45 minutes

~ Syllabus based program. From grade 1 to 8 the science till 10th grade is covered.

~ Students appearing for 10th exam would become thorough with experiantial science.
Individual students program - NOT a demo or group activity
SSS materials are always || take-home || Children can have a small lab of their own
Corporates, Social Organisations and Media houses

Sunday Science School activities are best activities for CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiatives

~ Customised activities

~ Can be done through your company volunteers

~ Highly satisfying-interactions with less privileged children of corporation/ Govt schools
Initiative needed from Parents.....
Initiative needed from Parents.....
For Schools......
For Corporates/ NGOs/ Media groups......
Sunday Science School (SSS) is a brand name in hands-on-science. We have focused our efforts on school children. In contrast to didactic learning, we have emphasized on experiential-learning.. Hands-on-Science activities help children explore science at their own pace. They see the science actually working through their own efforts. Curiosity, observational skills, are innate qualities of children. Using these instinctive qualities, SSS help instill problem solving skills, analytical approach, creativity and patience. Yes, doing science by hand needs patience…

A survey shows that children at age 10 spend over 30 hours a week watching TV, or internet or handling mobiles. It means by the time they reach 8th grade, they would have spent 5000 hours in wasteful activities. This is more than it takes to obtain a bachelor’s degree.

Our attempt is to give them science activities to engage them intellectually and physically. The goal is not necessarily to create scientists, but to create citizens who apply their brain to problems and use scientific method to find the solutions.

We currently have over 65 centres. All centres echo the same feedback from parents at the end of our every session. Science passionate friends are continuosly joining us. There is a fun in learning science hands-on-way. THAT IS THE ONLY WAY TO LEARN SCIENCE. See the feedback from parents.

We are glad that we dreamt of this day and started our journey 20 years back and nice to meet you here today.
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Star Gazing Programs
Sky at your doorstep
Astronomy observations
Vedo motorised solar system
** Schools are expected to make it madatoary for all students
CSR by ASIAN PAINTS with SSS in Satara district Maharashtra
Upcoming events:
One day workshop at Solapur May 6, 2015
Summer camp Pune 24-26 April
Holiday workshops 6 - 30 April Bangalore - HSR, CV Ramannagar, Malleswaram
Holiday workshops 10-31 May Bangalore - Sahakarnagar
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